Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DIY-Do It Yourself

The joy making something with your own hands is something everyone should experience. Sometimes we might use materials that we can find around our home, other times we have to go out and buy the materials (or search for them). Here are some books that might inspire you to make or create things. These books might even provide ideas of things you can make for other people to give as gifts. So go ahead, give it a try!


Cooking up a storm / Sam Stern, with Susan Stern

Designing Clothing/ Jewelry

Hardwear : jewelry from a toolbox / Hannah Rogge

Rip it! : how to deconstruct and reconstruct the clothes of your dreams / Elissa Meyrich

99 ways to cut, sew, trim & tie your t-shirt into something special / Faith Blakeney

Sew subversive : down & dirty DIY for the fabulous fashionista / Melissa Rannels, Melissa Alvarado, Hope Meng

The hip handbag book : 25 easy-to-make totes, purses, and bags / by Sherri Haab

Fashion DIY : 30 ways to craft your own style / Carrie Blaydes and Nicole Smith

Second-time cool : the art of chopping up a sweater / Anna-Stina Lindén Ivarsson


Teen knitting club : chill out and knit / Jennifer Wenger, Carol Abrams, Maureen Lasher

Knitgrrl 2 : learn to knit with 16 all-new patterns / Shannon Okey

Photography and Making Movies

My so-called digital life : 2,000 teenagers, 300 cameras, and 30 days to document their world / created by Bob Pletka

Duct Tape

The jumbo duct tape book / Jim and Tim

Ductigami : the art of the tape / Joe Wilson

Got tape? : roll out the fun with duct tape / Ellie Schiedermayer

Drawing Manga/ Creating Graphic Novels

Making comics : storytelling secrets of comics, manga and graphic novels / Scott McCloud

Fantasy! cartooning / Ben Caldwell

Manga Mania: Chibi and Furry Characters: How to Draw the Adorable Mini-Characters and Cool Cat Girls of Japanese Comics

Household Repairs

Popular mechanics when duct tape just isn't enough : quick fixes for everyday disasters / by C.J. Petersen

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Technology to Try

Recently, I started using the photo sharing site Flickr as part of my library work. Flickr is way to share pictures with friends and the outside public. Users can decide between making their photo’s public or just sharing their photos with friends or groups. Here is the website if you would like to see what it is all about:

If you would like to learn more about Flickr check out these useful links:
Flickr Learn More tour (6 steps)
Mediamazine Flickr Tutorials
Popular tags
Flickr Services (3rd party applications & mashups)

Or Learn More about Flickr in this book:
Flickr hacks by Paul Bausch and Jim Bumg

So go ahead, explore the site and have some Flickr photo fun.

PS: A quick word about photo posting etiquette - When posting identifiable photos of other people it is a good idea to get the person’s permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures that weren’t taken by you (unless you have the photographer’s consent) and always give credit when you include photos taken by someone else if you choose to use the pictures in a blog.

I wanted to share with you a something I made using a flickr mashup. Using FD’s Flickr Toys I made this fake magazine cover using a photo of the Dragon Wagon Library van.

by Katie at the Chester County Library