Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Review- Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern

Get Well Soon
Depressed and overweight, sixteen year old Anna Bloom is committed to a mental hospital by her parents after a suicide attempt. While in the teen ward Anna loses weight, develops a crush on a boy, and finds that she is not so different from the other teens on her floor. More importantly Anna learns how to talk about her feelings.

Written in the form of letters to a friend at home, Anna’s voice is both funny and real. Readers will find themselves pulling for Anna. This novel by first time author Halpern is lighter in tone than the Bell Jar but is equally as hard to put down. This book is recommended for readers age 14 and older.
Recommended by Katie CCL

Friday, October 09, 2009

Saving Money

Dear Young Adult Librarian,
I just got my first job. I will be teaching soccer to small children. Do you have any books about saving money? I would like to save at least some of it.
Wondering in West Chester

Dear Wondering,
It is great that you got a job! Good on you! I bet you are excited that you will have extra money to spend. But it can be confusing figuring out what to do with your extra cash. The question here is: how do you figure out what to do with your money?
How much do you want to save? Do you have things in mind that you would like to buy? Do you think you will go to college someday? If so it might not hurt to have a college savings goal.
Books about money management have always been popular. However, with the state of the economy right now, these types of books are especially popular. The key is to look in the 332.024 section and you might want to take a close look at books with a call number of YA 332.024.

Here are some books about saving money written especially for teens:

Smart money : How to manage your cash by Danielle Denega.

Rich dad, poor dad for teens : The secrets about money, that you don't learn in school! by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter.

The Motley Fool investment guide for teens : Eight steps to having more money than your parents ever dreamed of. by David and Tom Gardner with Selena Maranjian.

Real world math : Money & other numbers in your life by Donna Guthrie and Jan Stiles ; illustrations by Robyn Kline.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bone Detectives

Calling all Teens and Tweens
Grades 6+
Event on October 30th
Have you ever wondered how those forensic scientists on TV do their jobs?
Find out how scientists use bones to solve crimes and what is revealed by skeletal remains.
This program is presented by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
Friday, October 30th 2009
Grades 6+
(No younger siblings please)
Chester County Library
Struble Room

Please Register by Thursday, October 29th in person in the Youth Services Department. You can also register by calling the youth services department at (610) 280-2632 or by e-mailing us at:
Include the number of people coming with you in your RSVP.