Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cirque du Freak hit the theatres October 23rd

It seems like YA books are always being adapted into movies. Let’s check out the latest book at the movies : Cirque du Freak.

Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan.
As the story begins Darren Shan and Steve “Leopard” Leonard are best friends who are lucky enough to get tickets to attend an illegal circus. They both love novels and comics about vampires and wolfmen. At the circus they see a show staring a large spider named Madam Octa and man Steve believes to be a vampire, Mr. Crepsley. Is Mr. Crepsley a vampire? Will Darren and Steve betray one and other? Can the spider be stolen and controlled?

This is just the beginning of the first book of a twelve book series , The Saga of Darren Shan. On October 23rd the film Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant was released in theatres. This film is based on the first three books in the seires: Cirque du Freak, The Vampire’s Assistant, and Tunnels of Blood all by Darren Shan.

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