Saturday, September 13, 2008

Awesome Sports Books Part 1

Fall will be here on Sunday and with it the cooler weather. Fall is a great time to play sports or read books about sports. No matter your sport we have some great suggestions for you.

Soccer Chick Rules. 2007. Dawn FitzGerald
Tess becomes involved in local politics while trying to save sports at her school.

Dairy Queen. 2007. Catherine Murdock
D.J. spends the summer training the quarterback of the school’s football team then decides to try out herself.

No More Dead Dogs. 2000. Gordan Korman
Eighth grade football hero Wallace Wallace is taken off the football team when he complains about always being assigned books where the dog dies in the end. Unfortunately, he is assigned to an after school detention in the auditorium where they are producing a play about the same book that got him in trouble “Old Shep, My Pal.”

Prince of Tennis Volume 1. 2004. Takeshi Konomi
Ryoma Echizen comes to his new school in Japan with awesome tennis skills, then challenges the rules of the school in this graphic novel.

Head Above Water. 2003. S.L. Rottman
Sky deals with a lot in her life including competitive swimming, a brother who has Down’s Syndrome and having her first boyfriend.

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