Monday, September 22, 2008

Awesome Sports Books Part 3

Wrestling Sturbridge. 2001. Rich Wallace.
Ben decides to challenge a friend for his spot on the first string team during his senior year wrestling season.

Ball Don’t Lie. 2007. Matt De La Pena
Sticky loves nothing more than playing basketball at the rec center he goes to in Los Angeles. It seems like he might be headed for the pros but first he has to get past the obstacles in his path.

Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the Little Big Horn. 2001. Larry Colton
Check out this true story where the author follows the around the high school girl’s basketball team in Crow, Montana. The team’s star Sharon Laforge, who native American, is extremely talented but her hopes for a college scholarship are threatened by her homelife.

Rhysmyth. Illus. by Lincy Chan. 2007. Anthony Andora
Check out this graphic novel about the America’s newest sport Rhysmyth, one-on-one dance battles on top of a glass court. Elena gets her groove on after she joins to enhance her college applications.

Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports: In Search of the Ultimate Thrill. 2004. Joe Tomlinson and Ed Leigh
This books is a great place for information about extreme sports like base jumping, ice climbing and street luge.

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