Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book Review- The Body Eclectic: An Anthology of Poems

April is national poetry month, so what better way to celebrate than read a poetry book. Today I will be reviewing The Body Eclectic edited by Patrice Vecchione.

This is a wonderfully varied book of poetry about the human body. Contributors include many popular modern young adults authors like Sandra Cisneros and Gary Soto as well as some classic poems from Lord Byron, Lewis Carol, and William Shakespeare. The subject matter of these poems is varied. For example, some of subjects of the poems have had little poetic musing before. There are poems about fat and elbows. Barbara Hill contributes a short poem about being a cutter.

One added feature that actually makes the poems more meaningful are the biographic notes on the writers. I was interested to find out that Walt Whitman struggled with having little money most of his life and republished his work Leaves of Grass several times.
The value of this work is that it helps the reader to understand their feelings better.

I would recommend this book because the poetry is readable and relatable.
by Katie at CCL

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