Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book to Movie: Fat Kid Rules the World

For all of you K.L. Going fans.....good news! Fat Kid Rules the World is being made into an independent film. Shooting began in Seattle in July, but there is no release date yet. Actor Jacob Wysocki stars as Troy Billings, the 296-pound 17-year-old who almost commits suicide by jumping off a subway platform. Actor Matt O'Leary plays Curt MacCrae, the punk rock guitarist who "saved his life" and asks Troy to be the drummer in his band. [For reasons I don't understand, Curt is named Marcus in this film. What????]

Author Going didn't have any input on the screenplay or casting, but the film's producers are keeping her in the loop about its progress. The movie is being produced by Whitewater Films and directed by Matthew Lillard, who narrated the audiobook version of Fat Kid (he was excellent!) and was the first person to option the film rights. Looking forward to this one!

Lisa U.
Chester County Library

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meghanbp said...

Has anyone read the new YA novel CRACKED by K.M Walton? I hear it's awesome. It has two boys as the main characters dealing with the topic of bullying. Sounds kinda cool.