Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Anti-Valentine's Day books

Anti valentines day badgeIs the thought of flowers, cards, and candy this Valentine’s Day making you gag? Yeah, we’ve been there. So we present to you.....the Anti-Valentine’s Day book list. Maybe you’ll like John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines, where child prodigy Colin is dumped by his girlfriend right after high school graduation—the 19th Katherine to go with the other 18 he's dated (or otherwise been involved with) in his life. To console himself, he allows himself to be dragged off on a road trip to Tennessee, convinced along the way that he can work out a math theorem that predicts the duration of relationships.
Or maybe you can relate to the unrequited love between John and Marisol, two high school zine writers in Ellen Wittlinger’s Hard Love. Not even their shared family dysfunctions and love of writing can overcome the obvious: John’s straight while Marisol’s gay.  E. Lockhart’s The Boyfriend List is the first in a series about 15-year old Ruby “Roo” Oliver, who starts suffering panic attacks after her boyfriend dumps her, her friends abandon her, and she becomes the pariah of her prep school. A bulleted list—prompted by her shrink—helps us learn the events and reasons behind Ruby’s anxiety and fall from grace.
So grab one of these books, break up some heart-shaped cookies to munch on while reading, and enjoy!

Deb B.
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Johnny Ancich said...

Valentine's Day? Bah, Humbug!